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Our Success Is Your Success! When you have the right people, process and technology good things happen. Lean on us as your OutSystems Partner.

Do iT Lean was founded in 2009 by two OutSystems veterans who decided to hang out their own shingle.  As you might guess, they had a love for OutSystems' low-code platform and believed it to be a game changer for delivering custom web and mobile applications. That's why we are an OutSystems Partner right from the beginning. Our initial goal, which still serves us, was to help customers deliver game changing applications using OutSystems.  We started small and have steadily grown to now support customers around the globe.  Our team members are all passionate about what they do and we promise to give every project our best!

Today, we are experts in delivering beautiful, responsive web applications and high fidelity mobile apps that take advantage of native functionality across both iOS and Android devices. We’re also experienced in using OutSystems in complex environments and large infrastructures where we excel in architecture and systems integration.  Do iT Lean’s team has extensive international experience delivering remote projects for markets like the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, UK and The Netherlands.

Frederico Ferreira and Pedro Delgado found the company. Humble beginnings - 2 employees and 1 customer.
November 2009
March 2010
Joined OutSystems Partner Program as Certified OutPartner for their low-code platform.
Start work for Via Verde and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
June 2010
October 2010
First OutSystems low-code client in USA.
Do iT Lean acquires Simetricircle to expand services in Europe.
September 2011
March 2012
Continue to expand operations, first OutSystems low-code customer in the UK.
Expansion continues - first OutSystems low-code customer in Asia.
December 2012
January 2013
Business expands across Europe, first remote Factory customer in Spain.
OutSystems recognizes Do iT Lean as Most Valuable Partner.
May 2014
June 2014
Expansion continues, first OutSystems low-code customer in Brazil.
Recognized as a Premier Partner by OutSystems for their low-code platform.
April 2015
June 2016
First remote low-code Factory customer in the United States. Later wins an Innovation Award for speed.
Becoming truly global! First customer in Australia.
January 2017
February 2017
Company continues to grow with an additional OutSystems low-code delivery center in Porto, Portugal.
Opened first office in North America, Mike Jones joins as General Manager.
March 2017
June 2017
Recognized by OutSystems as an Elite Partner for their low-code platform.
Do iT Lean receives SME Excellence status from IAPMEI
March 2018

Our Team

As an OutSystems Partner, our people are what makes us great. They are all experts in agile, lean development using OutSystems low-code platform. Our team is comprised of Product Owners (Engagement Managers), SCRUM Masters (Delivery Managers) and Developers. Everyone has deep experience delivering both web and mobile projects and most are certified at one or more levels by OutSystems.

Some of our key collaborators

Frederico Ferreira
CEO & Co-Founder

Frederico is Do iT Lean’s CEO and co-founder. His primary focus is on the day to day operations of the company. With a strong technical background he is always available for technical and architectural discussions. After leaving Oracle, where he was a founding member of the Portuguese team, he landed at OutSystems where he ran world wide services until leaving to form Do iT Lean. When not steering the Do iT Lean ship you can find Frederico playing a game of chess, listening to music or doing some hobby programming on his latest project.

Catarina Jones

Catarina is the Chief Marketing Officer of Do iT Lean. Her passion is sharing the amazing success stories of our customers and promoting the expertise of our team.
Catarina has spent the past 13+ years marketing in the app dev space. She joined OutSystems back in 2007 and most recently was at Kony, giving her a unique perspective to the low-code market.
Originally from Portugal, she now calls Austin, TX home and is still trying to figure out how to keep Austin weird. You may cross paths with her when traveling as she is often spotted crossing the pond or chasing her family around the globe.

Pedro Delgado
CTO & Co-Founder

Pedro is Do iT Lean’s CTO and co-founder. He assures that every project is scoped and architected according to Do iT Lean’s best practices. He was employee number 10 at OutSystems back in early 2002 where he helped deliver the very first application built with the platform. Pedro likes to go fast so OutSystems is a natural fit. When not behind the keyboard he is finding another way to feed his need for speed on a surf or snowboard, riding motocross or jumping from an airplane. Of course he occasionally taps the brakes to attend his children's rugby or gymnastics events.

Marta Barbosa

Marta Barbosa is Do iT Lean’s CFO. She has a management degree and MBA in Finance and has spent the past 26 years in the financial world, working as an auditor and CFO in several companies like KPMG, McDonald’s Corporation, Timwe, Outsystems and OZ Energia. 

She also took her chance as an entrepreneur. When not “having fun” with numbers Marta may be found travelling, spending time with friends and family or watching a good tv series.

Mike W Jones
General Manager, Americas

Mike is the General Manager for Americas where he helps new and existing customers get the most from their relationship with Do iT Lean. Mike has spent the majority of his 25+ year career in application development with 8.5 years at OutSystems where he met many of the Do iT Lean team members. While now living in the US Mike loves to travel and has had the opportunity to live in places like Australia and Portugal. As a lover of wine he has become especially found of the many amazing bottles produced in Portugal.

Vera Pereira
Head of Delivery, Americas

Vera leads our delivery efforts in the Americas and has over 10 years of experience delivering applications using OutSystems. She is an Agile enthusiast and has helped many clients successfully adopt an agile way of working on their road to digital transformation. When not pushing her teams you can find her chasing her many passions which include vegan food, dancing, skiing and snuggling with her French Bulldog.

Raquel Abrantes
Sales Manager, EMEA

Raquel leads our EMEA business development efforts by helping new and existing customers deliver cutting edge solutions as they work to make their business's more efficient.  With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry she has helped customers in Brazil, UAE, Spain and Africa engage the digital era.  When not sharing her technology expertise Raquel can be found reading a good detective thriller or watching a documentary about ancient history.

Vítor Gibão
Head of Delivery, APAC
Vítor leads our delivery efforts in the Asia Pacific region.  He has 13 years of experience in IT, mainly working with JAVA and OutSystems.  Vítor has helped clients deliver projects in Latin America, Africa, Europe and APAC working as a Delivery Manager, Engagement Manager and Project Manager.  Vítor’s combination of management and technical skills make him a highly sought after resource.  Vítor is an avid soccer fan and loves to kick the ball with his children and root for Benfica.
Sérgio Melo
Sales Manager, EMEA

Sérgio has spent most of his 35+ year career in application development, having gone through programming, project leadership, and CIO. For the past 14 years, he has been partner manager and sales representative at OutSystems, where he worked closely with the Do iT Lean team members.
He is one of the sales manager for EMEA and he helps customers and prospects to be innovative and achieve a high grade of efficiency, by delivering projects of great quality with our teams.
He loves to travel end he is affectionate for Cuban cigars, culture, and people.

Tiago Gafeira
Head of Internal Ops

Tiago leads our Internal Operations team and has 20+ years of experience in helping deliver enterprise grade applications. He is a passionate expert in the use of OutSystems where he worked for 8.5 years going back to 2005. Since then he has helped Do iT Lean’s customers deliver amazing applications to drive their digital transformation efforts. According to Tiago, he is very fast delivering solutions using OutSystems, but even faster when he has laced up his running shoes and hits the road.

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